Episode 6

Episode 70: The Crown Season 6, Episode 6 Ruritania Recap

Published on: 27th December, 2023

Sam Cheung, Carlyn Greenwald, and Ivan Vukovic, three regular everyday Americans, discuss The Crown Season 6, Episode 6: Ruritania, an episode with some nostalgic and recognizable beats from The Crown of old. Together, they break down the differences between The Crown's portrayal of Tony Blair and the Michael Sheen (not Martin Sheen) version that they saw in The Queen. Plus, they try to guess what will be the next early aughts song featured in The Crown.

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Just Three Regular Everyday Peasants Learning about The Royals though Netflix's The Crownh
Sam Cheung, Carlyn Greenwald, and Ivan Vukovic are three American peasants who know nothing of royal life, but through weekly recaps of the critically acclaimed Netflix series The Crown maybe, just maybe, they might pick up a thing or two. It also bears mentioning that these plebs have no intention of digging any deeper into the history of the monarchy than what The Crown portrays, so no spoilers or fact checking please. This is an unofficial, unaffiliated podcast, and all views and opinions represented are the hosts' own. Follow: @crownaroundpod on Twitter

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